Victor Gonzalez

About Victor

As a designer and developer I am constantly searching for the best solution that is not only scalable, but also easy for developers to jump into. I have select skill in front end development and am able to turn around projects by their respective deadlines. I am very good at communicating with my peers to figure out problems and ask the right questions to lead me in the right direction. In addition to all of that I am able to adjust to know knowledge and frameworks as needed on a day-to-day basis, and can learn what I need to in order to complete a project.


From the beginning of my childhood I was always drawn to music. From an early age I started playing piano, and when I moved to Miami for high school, I picked up guitar. By early 2007 I discovered Trance, and pursued my interests in producing electronic music. I started with a software called Reason and soon moved up to Logic Pro 9, where my knowledge of MIDI production and recording improved as well. I now make music under the moniker of "Lumera". I have two tracks signed to Beatport, iTunes, and all other music portals as well.

Victor Gonzalez
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I am most proficient in front end development and frameworks for front end.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • ActionScript


  • jQuery
  • LESS
  • Simple Modal
  • Orbit
Skill Set Breakdown

In this wide world of web development there are many facets one can place themselves in. For the forseeable future I would like to build my skills as a coder. For the future however, I would like to create a site that would have user submitted data. A site that is driven by it's users more than the webmaster. I would like to create a following behind an idea that many could contribute to. Even though this may seem vague, it is the backbone for a brilliant idea soon to come.

As far as my current career goals stand, I would very much like to further explore the world of web agencies. I am currently working at Moxie Interactive, and from what I have observed, it is an incredible and unique work enviroment that I would like to build my skills as a developer.